Initial Setup

Before setting up Fusion please first create your application and download the latest files from your profile.

First you must install our class from NuGet.

Installing Fusion From

  1. Register for free at

  2. Install using the package manager console.

PM> Install-Package FusionAPI

Or go to Solution Explorer, right click on references, then Manage NuGet Packages… Browse for FusionAPI, select the package and click on install.

Linking Your Application

Enter your newly created account on FusionAPI and create a new application by clicking on Create App.

Enter a application name with no spaces and a description of your app.

using System;
using Fusion;
namespace Testing
class Program
private static FusionApp App = new FusionApp("APPID");
static void Main(string[] args)

This is how you initialize the app. You need to specify the application ID this can be grabbed from the application panel.