FusionAPI documentation an FAQ.
FusionAPI is a state of the art framework that allows developers of any skill to integrate authentication, and user management into their applications without risking the loss or leaking of user data.
What languages does FusionAPI support?
Where can I find my resources?
Why should I use FusionAPI?
We support any language that can make web requests! We allow this support through our universal APIs. FusionAPI also provide software development kits in C#, and PHP to make your life easier.
To find your SDKs and other resources we provide, head over to your settings (Click the cog icon in the top right of the web panel), and click on the resources tab found on the far right, here you can find all of the resources we provide!
Well, we'll be upfront here, regardless of your skill level, age, or experience, FusionAPI is a no brainer! Why would you spend hundreds of hours building an authentication system for your app, blocking countless attack vectors and wasting time when you could have access to a pre-existing, secure, fast, and easy API. We simply make your life better and allow you to focus on whats important!
Last modified 11mo ago
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